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Because correctional facilities house a large number of people, keeping the noise at reasonable levels can be difficult. With correctional facility soundproofing products from Acoustical Surfaces, noise levels within these spaces can easily kept in control.

A great challenge in correctional facilities is managing noise in multiple areas. A one-size fits all approach is not often the best solution. With our expertise, we can engineer the ideal soundproofing and noise control solution for each particular environment. For noise reduction in large gathering areas such as cafeterias and multi-purpose rooms, our wall panels, ceiling baffles, and door seals are designed for high performance acoustical absorption and noise reduction. We can create an acoustical environment that reduces reverberation time, which allows its inhabitants to hear and understand important instructions. Our products offer a host of benefits in correctional facilities.

The goal of these sound absorbing and blocking products is to prevent noise from traveling from one area to another, and create an acoustically positive environment. Our trained acoustical advisors are available to work on the most difficult noise problems. See the list above for products that are appropriate for use in correctional facilities and contact us today for full details of how Acoustical Surfaces can solve your noise problems.